Sindhi Grammar of Captain George Stack: An analytic discourse


Well known English scholar Captain George Stack was a military officer of British East India Company. He was posted in 1843 at Bombay where he acquired a working knowledge in Hindi and Sanskrit Later, he was transferred to Hyderabad Sindh as a Deputy Collector and within a span of one and a half year he developed a substantial command over Sindhi language which led to his compilation of a basic dictionary and grammar of Sindhi. Stack’s first academic work is “A Grammar of Sindhi Language”. This gainfully provided a fertile ground to Dr. Ernest Trumpp and other native linguistic scholars to improve upon Sindhi grammar. Stack’s book of Sindhi grammar was completed in 1847 and was printed and published in 1849 from the American Mission Press, Bombay. Captain George had arrived in India in, the early period of the British rule and learned many native languages of North India including Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu and other related languages. As Deputy Collector of Hyderabad in Sindh, he learnt Sindhi language and with the assistance of local scholars compiled English Sindhi Dictionary and Sindhi Grammar. This article presents an analytical discourse of George Stack’s Sindhi Grammar.

Muhammad Idress Jatoi