The prose work of Khan Abdul Wali khan stood prominent among independent men of letters of his time. He is great, of course in the new time with perfection in his. Considerable prevail of Pashto Tapa and Matal in his work show his grip over Pashto local inhibition as he was. His work has poetical beauty it’s the great chronicle of Pashtoon heritage also, we found great perfection of in his real life in his public speech and in private we saw him a great preserver of Pashto language and cultural. Though the usage of proverb, TAPA he brought prose to home and domestic felling and gives it, the colors of the Pashto Heritage. Text shows the verbosity if you fail to attain, the meaning, of the Proverbs and Tappa in his prose work. A prominent literary man lived with great honor for his nation and for his culture beautifully. Following the efforts to shed lights on the prose work of Wali khan writer will try to open the new ways.

Dr. Gul Muneer