A Critical Analysis of Hamseh Khalil’s Chargul


The purpose of this research study is tocritically analyzeChargul which is a collection of fictions written by Hamesh Khalil, a great Pashto poet, famous literary figure, researcher, critic and well-known political activist of his own epoch. The study brings to the limelight different aspect of Chargul briefly. It is also based on the argument of depicting the revolutionary aroma of Chargul. The study reveals that Hamesh Khalil has inimitably projected the philosophy of KhudaiKhidmatgar Movement in these fictions.The analysis of Chargul also denotes that Hamseh Khalil has made remarkable efforts in creating political consciousness in the minds of his readers. The study concludes that the present-dayPashtuns are still ensnared in the problems that had long been depicted by Hamsesh Khalil in Chargul, written during his imprisonment indifferent jails.

Jamshed Iqbal