Amir Nawaz Khan Jalya; Literary and Pedagogical Services in the History of IndoPak, (1910-1979)


Education remained a hollow sphere of the Pakhtun nation as a whole in the early 20th century, particularly in feudal mindset where all ease of life was available to them. It was for the sake of same attitude where parents started sending their children educated in the umbrella of integrated wholeness of the same class. When Islamia College was established in 1910, it attracted so many families who can afford their child’s education over there. The college received enormous recognition in the masses in short span of time due to favor from all sections of stakes. Actually, in the British Raj, it was Ross Keppel’s idea undertaken by Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan and his colleagues. The British Regime made strong and ruinous attitude towards the formation of national schools, and favored institutions like Islamia College is still a question mark, as how they were in favor to educate the Pakhtun nation.

Dr. Mohammad Sohail, Dr. Mohammad Idris, Asfandyar Durrani