In this writing it became clear that rhythm and song differs. Both are basic items of poem. Pashto poem structure is iambic and stressed; the iambic poem balances the rhythm and orchestrates song with iambic tone and stress. We cannot produce rhythm only with the iambic lines rather the iambic orchestration produces caesura and caesura produces a hemistich, and its combination produces song. Stress produces fixed-rhymes. Each fixed-rhyme’s rhythm is set with tone and stress. Rhythm is the organized repetition of sounds, composition-articulator and moral value that exerts indication and effect. Sounds can be seen in words and body language. Rhythm sets different forms of song; these forms are done with the number of hemistiches, fixed-rhymes and song. One thing that rhythm does is: it turns language from usual, it becomes poetic, and it holds a special rhythm and song. In a couplet rhythm lines one hemistich with other according to the number of words, but in song the hemistiches goes according to the orchestration of repetition of words that paves the arrangement of music. For rhythm song is an important thing. Song is the mixture or remix of words in a poem which balances rhythm and music of poem with tone.

Prof. Dr. Lal Pacha