Invigorating the worth of co-curricular education through the Annual meetings of Azad high school Utmanzai; (1921-1946)


This historical paper is about the formation of the indigenous educational movement Anjuman-I- islahul Afaghina and formation of Azad Madaris schools under its umbrella in the British Indian North West Frontier Province was a miracle for the disadvantaged Pakhtuns inhabitants of the present Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal territories of Pakistan in 1921. Only primary sources (Archival record) were used to find out conclusions. Part of it, some interviews were guided by the key informants and students of the Azad school system, to reach out meaningful thought. The system worked till the independence of Pakistan and contributed a great deal in enhancing literacy ratio as well as assuring quality training in the area. This report explores how annual meetings were arranged for the chain of Azad schools in a central institute of Utmanzai.It brings out that training was passed on in the genuine spirit of theory and practice in the form of stage dramas, poetry contests and other co –curricular activities.

Mohammad Sohail, Hafiz Mohammad Inamullah