An Analysis Of Aporia In Pashto Novel


Novel stands for peculiar depiction of social affairs. Pashto novel writers strive to portray the life like images in Pashto novels. In dynamic shift of life the paradigms of novel need to fit in that framework for precisely execution. Pashto novel is in evolutionary practice. There are found immense flaws in plot, theme, tale and characters in accurate portray of Pashto society. The world literature has produced standardized novels in all respect comparative to Pashto novel. These shortcomings need to be analyzed critically for valued novels production. Aporia is a postmodern terminology in fiction and Pashto novel writers have unconsciously elaborated the conditions in their texts. Pashto novel writers are foundwith active zeal to surmount these imperfections. In this research article a critical analysis of aporia in Pashto novel is conversed fictionally for textual preciseness.

Muhammad Anwar Khan, Faisal Rehman